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Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Review of Jakarta Post Newspaper

Newspaper : The Jakarta Post
Edition        : Friday on  November 8th, 2013
Page            : page 1 of 28 pages

The Dirty Money Flows of Hambalang Graft Case
Hambalang Graft Case was a graft case who Anas Urbaningrum and Andi Malarangeng were involved in, as the major role at this graft case. The Project of Hambalang was built by Adhyaksa Dault and it was continued by Andi Malarangeng after his inaugurated as minister in October 2009.
When Andi took over the project of Hambalang, he increase the budget of the project, but the complex still in form of framework building. Then, Corruption Eradiction Commision (KPK) investigate this case. Then, on Thursday at Jakarta Corruption Court told that the dirty money flowed to numerous politicians and government officials.
In KPK’s indictment, Andi Malarangeng, Former Youth and Sports Minister was accused of receiving kickbacks of IDR. 4 billion and US$ 550.000, while Anas Urbaningrum, Former Democratic Party Chairman was alleged to have gotten IDR 22 billion. Joyo Winoto, former head of The National Land Agency was accused of taking in IDR 3 billion. The Information was divulged in the indictment that Dedy Kusnandar who was the Chief of Financial and Internal Affairs at the Youth and Sports Ministry and received IDR 1.25 billion.
In late 2009, Andi held a meeting at his private residence, which was attended by Wafid Muharam who was a Former Secretary of the Youth and Sports.  Wafid has been accused of receiving IDR 6.5 billion in embezzled funds. In the meeting Wafid told that increase the project budget could reach IDR. 2.5 trillion. It was difficult for minister to secure the budget, but Andi responded him that the Lawmakers in House Commision X were his friends.
To secure the budget target for the project, Andi asked Wafid to work with House Commision X and the Public Work Minister. Andi and Wafid then held a meeting with Mahyudin, Former Head of House Commission X overseeing sports, and other member such as Angelina Sondakh, Mirwan Amir, and Muhammad Nazaruddin. During the meeting, Andi told that the revised budget for the Youth and Sports Ministry, which included the allocation for the Hambalang project, had already been taken care by Wafid. In return for the favor cause of approving the budget proposal without holding a proper meeting with commission and ministry, Wafid allegedly paid IDR 600 million to Mahyudi during the PD’s congress ini Bandung in 2010. From this cases, Officials at the Public Works Ministry receiving IDR 135 million

After securing the project, Andi further rigged the project tender process. Gunning for state-owned construction company PT. Adhi Karya to win the contract, Andi also held a meeting with Teuku Bagus Muhammad Noor. Teuku Bagus was accused receiving IDR 4.5 billion. The company finaly secured the project with the help of Choel Malarangeng, Andi’s brother, a number of officials at the Public Works Ministry and ececutives from companies that won tenders for the construction, who demanded IDR 4 billion.
After Adhi Karya won the thender, Andi received US$550,000 from the company and an additional IDR 4 billion from PT. Global Daya Manunggal, one of the companies subcontracted by PT. Adhi Karya . When the project faced a problem securing the land permit necessary to start construction. Andi ordered Wafid to approach  then PD treasurer Nazaruddin and Mindo Rosalina Manulang, former director at Nazaruddin holding company, Permai Group and received IDR 10 billion.
The advantage of this article that we were  know about the money flows of Hambalang Graft Case. Beside it, this article didn’t said the detail explain of  the dirty money which also flowed to Olly Dondokambey from House of Representatives budgetary body member, Dutasari Citralaras Company and its President Director, Mahfud Suroso.